Benny Arnas

Benny Arnas started writing on 2008. He was very obsesive to have a book. He made it on 2009, entitled “Meminang Fatimah”. Something like manuscript. He arranged and edited it by himself. It was just printed for 25 eks. Shortly, he never regards it as his book formally. But, it doesnt mean that he doesn’t recognize it as the part of his creative prosess.”Bulan Celurit Api” (2010), and “Jatuh dari Cinta” (2011), are his book formally and just release his first novel “Bersetia” (2014). He has awarded Anugerah Batanghari Sembilan (2009), Krakatau Award (2010), The Best Fiction Writer(2012) by the Ministry of Tourism and Economy Creative, andAnugerah Pena (2013). Currently, He actively join and worksin FLP Lubuklinggau and City Arts Council Lubuklinggau.

Benny Arnas
Tittle: Cinta Tak Pernah Tua
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Genre: Short Stories










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