Agus Rois

Agus Rois was born January 26th 1983 in Cirebon, West Java. He attended Sebelas Maret University, Padjadjaran University and STF Driyarkara without completing his studies. In 2003 he continued his education in Philosophy at Gadja Mada University, graduating in 2012. While a student in Yogyakarta, he was active with the student newspaper Balairung and the Kembang Merak Community. Aside from writing essays, he also wrote poetry. His essays and poetry have been published in the anthology Notonagoro dan Pancasila (2006), Jawa: Setelah Tafsir Kebudayaan (2009), Habermas dan Senjakala Modernitas (2010), Ketika Kata (Tak Lagi) Bermakna: Kumpulan Puisi Wija Sasmaya (2011). After completing his studies, he became a freelance writer and reporter.


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