little talks ubud


Date: Sunday, August 13  
Book Launch:  Burning Hair, Seribu Pagi Secangkir Cinta, & 
Cocktail, Waves and Archer
7.30 pm

book launch12Jika tiga wanita menulis puisi, apakah yang akan terjadi? Kenali lebih dekat tiga wanita hebat dari Komunitas Mahima, Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, Wulan Dewi Saraswati, dan Virginia Helzainka dalam peluncuran buku mereka di Litteltalks Ubud. Dengar, baca, dan ekspresikan puisi mereka dengan suasana hatimu sendiri!

About the poets:
Kadek Sonia Piscayanti
Kadek Sonia Piscayanti was born on March 4, 1984. She is now teaching in English Education Department, Ganesha University of Education. She teaches literature such as poetry, prose fiction and drama. She has published some books such as Karena Saya Ingin Berlari Saya Ingin Berlari” (Akar Indonesia, Yogyakarta, 2007), Literature book “Literature is Fun” (Pustaka Ekspresi, 2012), a compilation of five scripts “The Story of A Tree” (Mahima Institute Indonesia, 2014). She was invited as speaker in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in 2012 and 2013. She was also invited for Creative Writing Program at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia (2011 and 2012). She has spoken about women and identity in OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Australia (2013). She directed and performed her own script “Layonsari” in Netherlands and France for Culture Grant from Directorate of Higher Education Indonesia (2014).

Wulan Dewi Saraswati
Wulan Dewi Saraswati is a bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreigner in Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School.
She has bachelor degree from Undiksha and now finishing her postgraduate study of linguistics in Udayana University.
Wulan always loves literature and she won many competitions such as story telling, poetry reading, and theater. Wulan was also chosen as the representation of her university in the cultural exchange Muhibah Seni Undiksha in Holland and France in 2014.

Virginia Helzainka
Was born in a unique date that only comes once in four years. Virginia Helzainka is natural weirdo. Currently enrolled in Ganesha University of Education – Bali, Virgina is studying in English Education Department and focusing on creative writing in the hopes of becoming a ???? while also running a cat shelther. Virgina Helzainka started wetting the ink for poems when she first heard slam poetry. The roar of the poets voicing their minds sent jolts flaming her own.

Date: Wednesday, August 9  - Thursday, August 31
Exhibition: Faces of Bali #rekamwajah
Opening: Wednesday, August 9 at 7.30 pm

IMG-20170801-WA0003Exhibition will trough to 31/8/2017
Faces of Bali, an exhibition of photography and illustration by #gndlmglj as part of their #rekamwajah project. The featured works, made over the past couple of years, and have been taken from several places all over Bali. Inspired by the beauty faces of traditional dancers, vibrant colors of Balinese’s fabrics and costumes, personality & character of Balinese people.

Photographers: Mario Andi SupriaRuth Kurniasari OndukoStefanus Bayu, Joe Christian, Kass Sudrajat
Illustrator : Arzelita Linando

This event is part of the celebration #SetahunLittletalksUbud as we will turn 1 y.o this August.

Date: Friday, August 11  
Music in the Library #SetahunLittletalksUbud
7.30 pm

Satya BhuanaThis event is part of the celebration #SetahunLittletalksUbud as we will turn 1 y.o this August. Music in the Library special #setahunlittletalksubud with:

Born in Gianyar, Bali, Pande Anggara spends most of his time playing guitar. He’s big fan of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. For him music speaks when words can’t express his feelings and can be honest with others about who he is in this world. Acoustic ballad is his power in music.

Satya Bhuana starts to writes music based on stories around him. Live in Ceking Tegalalang and loves to sing a song in simple way. He expects to be an artist who can always bring positive messages through his simple works. Satya Bhuana dedicated a song to Bali Baca Buku community with title Ayo Membaca.

Denpasar-born, Wirahasta Utama has always passionate about music pop and jazz since high school. He joined with OneDollarForMusic Foundation and currently focus on bass instrument.

Date: Wednesday, August 9  - Thursday, August 31
Exhibition: Faces of Bali #rekamwajah
Opening: Wednesday, August 9 at 7.30 pm

IMG-20170801-WA0003Exhibition will trough to 31/8/2017
Faces of Bali, an exhibition of photography and illustration by #gndlmglj as part of their #rekamwajah project. The featured works, made over the past couple of years, and have been taken from several places all over Bali. Inspired by the beauty faces of traditional dancers, vibrant colors of Balinese’s fabrics and costumes, personality & character of Balinese people.

Photographers: Mario Andi SupriaRuth Kurniasari OndukoStefanus Bayu, Joe Christian, Kass Sudrajat
Illustrator : Arzelita Linando

This event is part of the celebration #SetahunLittletalksUbud as we will turn 1 y.o this August.

Date: Wednesday, July 26
Film Screening & Discussion Film Screening & Discussion: A Crude Injustice
7.00 pm - 10.00 pm

20031552_1642823822396375_5820919449847601792_n copy

A Crude Injustice is a documentary that looks at the aftermath of the Australian Montara oil spill disaster on the lives of thousands of seaweed farmers and fishermen in West Timor. On August 21, 2009 a blow out of the Montara oil rig off the West Australian coast caused millions of litres of crude oil to flow untapped into the pristine Timor Sea for more than 70 days. Eight years on the people of West Timor say they are still living with the legacy of the oil disaster and the impact of the 180,000 litres of toxic dispersants the Australian Government sprayed on the slick in a bid to break it up.

Directed, produced & filmed by Jane Hammond

Length: 26 minutes
Watch the official trailer for A Crude Injustice

Date: Friday, June 30
Buana Art Exhibition
7.00 pm - 10.00 pm

BUANA-Eflyer copyWhen we talk about Buana (Universe), we’re not only talking about its landscape—the depiction of its beautiful mountains, the sea, rice paddies or beaches. Conversations about Buana cannot be set apart from the entities in it: nature, mankind and the relation between both of them.

With this in mind, Asosiasi Kreatif Ubud will be holding an exhibition to engage with this idea. 10 artists, of diverse backgrounds, have attempted to reinterpret Buana from their own perspective. This exhibition will feature 10 works that reinterpret nature, mankind and the relation between both of them.

Meet the artists on our exhibition opening night at Littletalks Ubud, and get to know each member of @aku_id Asosiasi Kreatif Ubud (Ubud Creative Association). Buana Art Exhibition will be open for public for 1 week, come and support local artists!

Bicara tentang Buana, tidak melulu bicara tentang pemandangan dengan keindahan gunung atau laut, hamparan sawah atau bentangan pantai. Obrolan-obrolan tentang Buana tidak akan bisa lepas dari entitas-entitas yang ada di dalamnya: alam, manusia dan relasi antara keduanya.
Asosiasi Kreatif Ubud kembali mengadakan pameran bersama untuk merespon hal tersebut. 10 ilustrator, dengan latar belakang yang beda-beda, memaknai kembali Buana melalui perspektifnya masing-masing. Pameran ini akan menampilkan 10 karya hasil penggambaran ulang alam, manusia dan relasi keduanya.

Mari hadir di malam pembukaan Buana Art Exhibition di Littletalks Ubud dan cari tahu mengenai Asosiasi Kreatif Ubud. Pameran akan berlangsung selama 1 minggu, ayo datang dan dukung seniman seniman lokal!

Date: Friday, June 5
Film & Discussion w/ Marko Randelovic
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

16106038_1242057565840839_5442384019140624361_n copyPlease accept our invitation to special preview screening & discussion with Marko Randelovic. Marko is a nomadic documentary filmmaker and photojournalist capturing inspiring stories of humanity from around the world.

About the films:
Real Balinese healers continue to use the ancient knowledge of their ancestors to treat people without expecting anything in return.

The master woodcarvers of Bali are striving to keep their unique craft alive for the next generation. I Made Ada is a master wood carver from the renowned woodcarving village Pakudui near Tegalalang, Ubud.

Farmers of Bali’s famous rice fields are taking a stand against the rampant growth of the tourism industry. Bali’s tourism industry continues to break records with increasing numbers of people arriving on the shores of this mystical Hindu island each year.

The begging women of Bali’s streets are being empowered to change their lives.
These women are usually found on the streets of Bali’s tourism hotspots, asking for money whilst sleeping on the streets. Children often accompany them and help collect money from both locals and often wealthier tourists.

*All photos by Marko Randelovic

Date: Friday, June 5
Free Talk: For Gut's Sake with Amanda Brocket
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm


Do you
– Feel bloated after eating?
– Get grumpy and tired easily?
– Can’t lose weight?
– Have food intolerance, IBS, candida or other gut issues?

Join Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen on Monday 5th June at Little Talks. Learn how to make friends with your gut, understand how food affects your mood and why healing your gut is the single most important thing yuo can do to thrive in life, physically, spiritually and mentally!

In this talk with Amanda you will:
– Understand where gut health is currently at
– How your health history and food choices can be the difference between surviving or thriving
– Learn about Amanda’s story of healing from systemic candida
– Learn about the Clean, Seed, Feed principle
– Learn 3 easy steps get started on your gut healing journey
– Traditionally made sauerkraut tasters for you to try!

Limited space! Info & RSVP to

Date: Saturday, May 27
Stress - Friend or Foe?
7.00 pm

STRESS12~ STRESSED read backwards is DESSERTS ~
Change the way your body decodes stress & gain new perspectives and coping skills.
Stress is sometimes called ‘the modern disease’. Deadlines, ever increasing workload, responsibilities, … Stress is a natural response of your body to any internal or external factor that throws you off balance, and actually, your body has an inbuilt protective mechanism.
In this talk you’ll be offered yogic and scientific perspectives on stress and will get simple self-practice coping tools for daily life.
Ancient science of Yoga meets contemporary science to support your well-being.
Presented by: Mili, Sacred Tantric Alchemy

Date: Saturday, May 6
Music in the Library Vol. 4
7.00 pm

vetta music2Vetta Tovanneu is talented Sundanese woman. Vetta loves to write poetry and short stories since junior high school. Her love for Indonesian Language guides her to join Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School as a teacher in Ubud. Coffee is her power and singing is her peaceful-freedom. Her voice will blow your mind!

Special guests:



Date: Sunday, April 30
Keep Borneo Wild: a fundraising to protect the forest
5.00 pm

keepborneowildFriends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) works to protect wildlife and wildlife habitats, while supporting local communities. They receive no government funding and rely solely on the support of volunteers and donors.

Close to FNPF’s main reforestation site, in Jerumbun, Central Borneo, are 60ha of rainforest which are currently up for sale. Right now a palm oil company is trying to buy this land. If they buy it, they will cut down or burn this rainforest, which is home to numerous creatures, many of which are threatened, including orangutans. Put your money into a good cause because any kind of donation, no matter how big or small, will help protect this forest – and Keep Borneo Wild.

Join the Founder & Director of FNPF to hear about the ongoing battle to protect the forest, preventing it from destruction and conversion to palm oil. Enjoy palm oil free treats and a welcome drink of rosella tea harvested from FNPF’s site at Nusa Penida.

Learn more about FNPF
Donate here

Date: Sunday, April 23
Film Screening & Discussion: Poets on Permits
7.30 pm

Mohar at window‘Poets on Permits’ is a documentary on migrant workers in Singapore, and their poetry. Read between their lines.
Five captivating people from Bangladesh, Philippines, India, China and Indonesia, share their personal stories and views on the local migrant worker life.

The documentary features their poetic talent, and hopes to bring us closer as a society – realising that at the end of the day, we all have common goals – of home, love and happiness.

About Filmmaker:
Upneet Kaur-Nagpal is a Singaporean filmmaker clasped with a nomadic soul. She has lived and travelled across diverse parts of the world and is equipped with a desire to refresh tired perspectives. Most of her documentaries find themselves amidst different communities and different ‘homes’ – from Romany gypsies and homeless walking guides in England to poet migrant workers and the Sikh diaspora in Singapore. She is keen to further explore the world of cross-cultural collaborations and film/art through her platform, Uptake Media.

Date: Minggu, April 9
4 - 6 pm 

17800417_1530929016919190_8748411842083895875_nMinggu Bahas Buku adalah sebuah acara kumpul buku santai di Littletalks Ubud.
Kita akan membahas dan berbagi buku apa yang sedang atau sudah kamu baca, kamu juga bisa bacakan bagian yang paling kamu suka dari buku tersebut, baik puisi, novel, atau kumpulan cerpen! Atau sekedar bertukar buku bersama kawan baru!

Acara akan ditutup dengan pembacaan puisi dari Teater Kalangan
Tempat terbatas, email ke atau sms ke 081238244882
[Note: The event will be held in Bahasa Indonesia]

Date: Sunday, April 2
Starts 7pm 

17499279_1524558250889600_4003310812784179393_nYou are invited to KAFE BAHASA, an evening dedicated to Indonesian language for beginners and native speakers.

A collaboration between Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School with Littletalks Ubud – a little library & cafe.
Performance by
– Tony Surya
– Vetta Tovanneu
Hosted by Cinta Bahasa
Where: Littletalks Ubud
When: Sunday, 2nd April, 7pm
FREE – Sampai jumpa!

Date: Friday, March 24
Music in the Library w/ MONESSA
Starts 7.30 pm

sasaMonessa was born in Jakarta. She is former vocalist of Jakarta’s indie-band, Maladialum. In August 2016, she moved to Ubud and working with Ubud Writers & Readers Festival team as Program Officer. Music is her escape from worry. Music is a therapeutics and universal language. Music completes her in a way that nothing else ever will. It saves her everyday, gives her life purpose, and defines who she is. When words can’t be spoken, she believes music can speak louder.

Date: Saturday, March 18
Film Screening: As Worlds Divide
Starts 7 pm

as world divide 123

Please accept our invitation to a special preview screening of AS WORLDS DIVIDE, a feature documentary film produced as part of an campaign to prevent the loss of Indigenous Mentawai culture.

Captured over a 9-year period, this film and the upcoming #wafsaccampaign aims to raise $1 million to fund the 10-year implementation of Suku Mentawai community’s Cultural & Enviromental Education Program (CEEP).

By attending this screening and learning about their fascinating culture you’ll actually be helping to save it. It really is that simple: watch a film, save a culture’ #wafsac

COST: small donation
*all proceeds from this screening will go directly to the Suku Mentawai education program via the Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF).
More about Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF) here
More about Suku Mentawai here
More about the film here
Watch the trailer here

Date: Friday - Saturday, February 17-18
Film Screening : The Rainbow Expedition
Starts 7 PM

rainbowFriday, 17/02/2017

Starts at 7:00 PM – Free Event
Documentary | 2015 | 40 min | Bahasa Indonesia, English subtitle
Q&A with the director Kiki Febriyanti

A story about the existence of women of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, living in Bugis culture in the midst of modern world ruled by binary system. For centuries Bugis people have accepted gender diversity as implicitly written in La Galigo manuscript, where they believe that humans consist of five genders, and one of them is calalai. Who is Calalai?

Kisah tentang eksistensi perempuan¬ perempuan di Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia yang hidup dengan budaya Bugis di tengah perkembangan dunia yang moderen namun didominasi oleh sistem yang biner. Sejak berabad¬abad lalu masyarakat Bugis telah mengenal adanya keberagaman gender dengan tersiratnya dalam naskah Lagaligo, yang menyatakan bahwa manusia terdiri dari lima gender dan salah satunya adalah Calalai. Siapakah sesungguhnya Calalai?

Saturday, 18/02/2017

Kompilasi Film Pendek Indonesia “ID Check”
Q&A with Rainda Cuaca (Director of A Time for Us).
Starts at 7:00 PM – Free Event

1). On Friday Noon
Fiction | 2016 | 13 min | Bahasa Indonesia & Jawa, English subtitle
Director: Luhki Herwanayogi
Wina is a prostitute pansy, looking for a mosque to do a Friday prayer. In her journey, she got lost and got some trouble from strangers that she met.

Wina, seorang transgender, sedang mencari sebuah masjid untuk salat Jumat. Namun dalam perjalanan, ia tersesat dan menemukan beberapa masalah.

2). Andro & Jini
Fiction | 2016 | 16 min | Bahasa Indonesia, English subtitle
Director: Nurullita Marla
Andro, a boy in a light pink shirt, meets Jini, a girl in a light blue shirt. Andro was used to wear a light blue shirt before. Tired of being pressured by his father to learn fighting and consume steroid, Andro decided to run away from him. Jini was used to wear a light pink shirt before. Disappointed by her mother who cares more about her flowers than Jini, Jini decided to run away from her. Their encounter makes them realize their inner selves.

Andro, seorang laki-laki berkemeja merah jambu, bertemu dengan Jini, seorang perempuan berkemeja biru muda. Dulu, Andro sering memakai baju biru muda. Namun, karena tekanan dari ayahnya yang selalu menyuruh ia belajar berkelahi dan mengonsumsi steroid, Andro memutuskan pergi dari sang ayah. Jini, dulunya sering memakai baju merah jambu. Kecewa dengan ibunya yang lebih peduli bunga daripada mengurus Jini, ia pun pergi dari sang ibu.

3). Running from Reality (Pelangi di Penghujung Lari)
Fiction | 2016 | 7 menit | Bahasa Indonesia, English subtitle
Director: Ayara Bhanu Kusuma
Seorang pria bertemu dengan seorang wanita. Mereka berlari melalui hari bersama. Namun semakin hari, pria itu semakin tertinggal di belakang hingga tak mampu lagi mengejar sang wanita. Suatu hari, pria itu berhenti berlari dan melepas semua rahasia yang selama ini ia sembunyikan.

4). A Time For Us
Fiction | 2016 | 14 min | Bahasa Indonesia, English subtitle
Director: Rainda Cuaca
Moments of clandestine romances where in the end, choices were made, affecting three couples.

This film screening presented by 100% Manusia
And supported by Minikino

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017
Music in the Library
Exclusive with NANDA
Starts 7:30 pm

nandaBorn and raised in Jakarta, Prananda Kusuma Putra or better known as Nanda is a musician, singer and song writer. Jamming with the metropolitan’s street buskers, he gained plenty of insight and inspiration to voice the unheard — their struggles, yearnings and simple joys of living as the ‘little people’ of the capital. His original music vibes blues-folk tunes while his covers give a different perspective on the common Top 40’s list.

Since his big move to Bali in April 2015, he has shared his music all throughout Denpasar, coffee shops in Seminyak and Nusa Dua, events in Sanur and Ubud. It is here in Ubud, where he finally experiments with other traditional instruments of Indonesia, with similar artist-musicians based in Ubud.

On his spare time, Nanda and his wife channel their knack for craftsmanship learned from life on the streets through his line of upcycled products, Bertemu (‘to meet’, in Indonesian), @bertemupcycle, combining tenun with used jute/gunny, spare tyres and scrap leather.

“Music in the Library” is special little-unplugged concerts in Littletalks Ubud

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2017
Minggu Bahas Buku Vol. 1
Minggu, Jam 4:00 – 5:30 sore - Gratis!

img_4940webNgopi sore sambil nyemil bareng di klub buku Minggu Bahas Buku –Littletalks Ubud

Kamu bisa berbagi mengenai buku apa yang sudah atau sedang kamu baca. Dengarkan juga beberapa saran tentang buku – buku baru dari kawan – kawan yang hadir. Siapa tahu ada buku baru dan menarik yang belum kamu baca!

Date: Friday, January 20, 2017
Music in the Library
Exclusive with RADITOMO
Starts 7 PM

copyimg-20170109-wa0003-copyArnoldus Pradityo Utomo (born May 30, 1988) is a humble employee by day, part time musician at night. Originated from Jakarta and now based in Ubud, with his guitar he is better known as Raditomo.

Raditomo is also the former guitarist for Gayakas, an indie band from Brisbane, Australia.
In late 2015, he embarked his first gig as a solo artist in Ubud, at Pasar-pasaran festival.

With a background in classical guitar at Yayasan Pendidikan Musik (YPM) Manggarai, Raditomo brings a new music nuance, by combining; a little absurdness, stagnant melody, real lovely experience of lyrics, and bossa nova with Rodrigo Amarante-touch.
Raditomo’s music is highly influenced by several lo-fi and Psychedelic Folk artists, such as; Elliot Smith, Rodrigo Amarante, Devendra Banhart and Mac Demarco.

“Music in the Library” is special little-unplugged concerts in Littletalks Ubud.

Date: Sunday, January 15, 2017
Focus on Bani Nasution
Film Screening & Discussion with Bani Nasution


Bani Nasution adalah generasi 80-an yang lahir di Surakarta, Jawa Tengah. Ia menyelesaikan studi di Fakultas Film dan Televisi, Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Surakarta. Filmnya, Ealah diputar di Festival Film Solo (FFS) 2011 dan Ganesha Film Festival Bandung 2012. Jago Tarung juga diputar di Festival Film Solo (FFS) 2012. Bumbu-bumbu Rayu dan Seserahan, film hasil kolaborasi bersama beberapa sutradara Indonesia, dirilis di Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2013. Film teranyarnya, Sepanjang Jalan Satu Arah, menjadi finalis di Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) Yogyakarta 2016. Saat ini ia tengah fokus menggarap dokumenter tentang mitos dan lingkungan di Jawa.

Bani Nasution was born in Surakarta, Central Java Indonesia as the last 80’s generation.
He was finished study as bachelor of art from Surakarta Institute of Art film & tv faculty.
His film Ealah was screened in Fest Film Solo 2011 and Ganesha Film Festival Bandung 2012.
Jago Tarung was screened in Fest Film Solo 2012. Bumbu-Bumbu Rayu and Seserahan was screened in Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2013. His latest work, Along The One Way was finalist in Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival 2016. Now, he focused on documentary filmmaking about mythology and environment in Java, Indonesia.

Program “Focus on Bani Nasution” kali ini akan memutar 5 film Bani Nasution yang juga akan dilanjutkan dengan diskusi bersama sutradara.

This program “Focus on Bani Nasution” will screen 5 remarkable films directed by Bani Nasution, following with the discussion with the director himself.

1. Ealah (5.51)
Eko ingin mereparasi sepedanya tapi mendapat kabar bahwa Tembong, temnnya mengancam bunuh diri.

Eko wants to fix his bicycle, but then he got a news that Tembong, his friend, wanted to commit suicide.

2. Jago Tarung (17.23)
Jojon ingin bekerja di pabrik, tapi tetangganya, Eko dan Uziel berjudi sabung ayam.

Jojon wants to work in factory, but his neighbors are in cockfight gamble.

3. Bumbu-bumbu Rayu (12.34)
Luki ingin ayahnya hidup sehat tapi ia disibukkan oleh pekerjaannya sendiri,

Luki hopes his father stay healthy, but he is too busy with his work.

4. Panduan Wisata / A Travel Guide (5.24)
Seorang pemandu wisata ingin memberikan perjalanan sejarah tapi ia kebingungan dengan kisah leluhurnya.

A guide offers a journey on history, but he is confused with the story of his ancestor.

5. Sepanjang Jalan Satu Arah / Along The One Way (15.59)
Suatu hari, ibu meminta saya untuk pulang. Sesampainya di rumah, dia meminta semua orang termasuk saya untuk memilih calon walikota beragama Islam. Saya menolaknya karena merasa tidak setuju. Oleh karena itu, Ibu memaksa untuk memilih berdasar dalil agama. Hingga akhirnya pemilihan kepala daerah usai, saya tidak memilih siapapun.

One day my mother asked me to go home. Once I got there, she asked everybody in our family to choose a governor whose religion is Islam.I refused because I disagree with her logic. But mother kept on telling me to choose one based on religion. As the election day came, I decided not to choose anyone.

Date: Friday, January 13, 2017
Movie Screening: NAY
A film by Djenar Maesa Ayu

nay A successful actress, Nay’s world is thrown into chaos when she discovers she’s pregnant. She immediately tells her boyfriend, Ben, a spoiled young man who chooses to put his mother before the baby, leaving Nay to face the difficult decision of what to do on her own.

Language: Indonesian (English Subtitled)
Length: 80 min
Starts at 7pm – Free Event

Date: Monday, December 26,  2016

The Bali 1928 Archive is an international collaboration to restore, disseminate and repatriate the earliest music recordings and films of Bali, including the historical recordings of Balinese gamelan and singing by Odeon & Beka Records in 1928-29, hours of 1930s film by Colin McPhee, Miguel Covarrubias, and Rolf de Maré, and numerous archival photography by Walter Spies, Colin McPhee, Arthur Fleischmann and others. The Bali 1928 project, to which is compiled as 5 volumes of CDs and DVDs also present 5 extensive essays in PDF format by Dr. Edward Herbst (Bali 1928 principal researcher) that outlines the awe-inspiring legacies of illuminating Bali in recent past.
Poster Photo: I Sampih dancing kebyar (Igel Jongkok) accompanied by Gong Peliatan.
Photo by Colin McPhee (circa 1932-35), courtesy of UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive & Colin McPhee Estate.

Date: Friday, 23 December 2016
Harapan (Hope)
For the remote area of Muntigunung, Northeast Bali


Presentation & Discussion with Daniel Elber
Founder of Future for Children and strategic partner in the Muntigunung Poverty Eradication Program
Documentary Short Film Screening
A Film by Marko Randelovic
Supported by Yayasan Dian Desa, Future for Children, and Bali Buda.

Friday, 23 December 2016
7.30 pm at @littletalksubud
Jalan Raya Campuhan, Ubud
(Across Blanco Renaissance Museum)

Daniel Elber
Daniel Elber met Ketut 13 years ago in Ubud, when he was on a sabbatical from his bank job in Switzerland. He was interested why people in this family oriented Balinese culture had to beg to feed their families. So he went up to Muntigunung, visited the area and based on the impressions he got, decided to organize help!
He formed an association in Switzerland to raise funds and started to plan the development of this area together with local partners.
The presentation will show how everything started, what kind of strategic decisions they have taken, how they are solving the water problem, what they implemented to create jobs and opportunities, why and how they do health education and many more things.

Date: Sunday, 11 December 2016
KELAS FOTO bersama Pande Parwata


Pukul 15:00 – 17:00 Wita
Topik: #streetphotography
Kelas dalam Bahasa Indonesia
Gratis! Peserta terbatas, daftar di atau sms ke 081238244882

Sebuah sesi berbagi bersama mengenai Street Photography atau Fotografi jalanan, yaitu satu aliran dalam fotografi yang umunya memuat objek di ruang publik dalam kondisi tanpa pengarahan (candid).

Date: Saturday, 10 December 2016
Film Screening & Discussion: Tengai Tepet (Daylight)

Starts at 7:30 PM
Genre: Myth | 17 minutes
Language: Bahasa Bali, English subtitle
Director: Dodek Sukahet
Free Event
Click our Facebook Event here

Date: Sunday, 20 November 2016
Film Screening & Discussion: Tarian Bumi

Inspired by the story of a love starcrossed by the conflicting forces of caste, Bali-born woman Ida Ayu Telaga Pidada defies her mother’s wiches and marries the man of her dreams – who also happens to be a commoner. A filmic adaptation of famed work Tarian Bumi (Eart Dance) by local author Oka Rusmini.

Language: Bahasa Bali, English subtitle
Director: Rai Pendet
Free Event
Click our Facebook Event here

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