Recent Reviews

” Lovely people, great breakfast, nice books & amazing view 😊💕 ” Mira Rodrigues (Germany). 

” Love this place. Beautiful scenery. Amazing staff. Good Wi-Fi and seats for working” – Martta Tervonen (Finland). 

” What a lovely cafe / co-working space. Bookshelves filled with knowledge and inspiration and as an Ubud writer I could not think of a nicer place to knock out a story . Great little cozy cafe. Love the film nights too. “Stephanie Brookes (Vancouver)

” I am new in this city and am still trying to connect with it. I found Littletalks and I was like, This tiny cozy place is definitely going to be my sanctuary. Thank God. It offers much more than what is implied in its name.” Abidah Malik (Jakarta, Indonesia). 

” The prettiest spot for a coffee or beer or meal in Ubud. Quiet. Books to read. A view of the temple. Good wifi. Lovely staff. Perfect.” Sarah Bluett (New Zealand) 

” Peace, great food, and staff who made everything great for us. Yum!!” –  Josh Whitkin (California)

“The location, set up & outlook of this cafe is terrific, as is the book swap idea & the fact they seem to support local artists. The coffee wasn’t really strong enough for me but that comes down to personal taste” Rachel Robertson (Sydney, Australia).